About Us
"Making The Internet Easily Accessible To Everyone"


The world of web solutions Concept to Hosting
Domain Name Registration
Web Hosting
Website Design Services
Web Development Services
Web Management Services inclusive site management
Content Development and Management Services
Search Engine Optimization

Multimedia Solutions

Customized Corporate presentations
Product Promos
3D Walk through
Movies with special effects
Multimedia Games
Event CDs and DVDs
Customized themes and concerts
E-Visiting cardsWe build web based database solutions through Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL
We develop internet applications on the Java and .net platforms.

Mobile EDGE

Mobile Application Scope

Money transfer
Location-based services
Mobile search
Mobile browsing
Mobile health monitoring
Mobile payment
Near Field Communication Services
Mobile Advertising
Mobile instant messaging
Mobile Music
Mobile Games
Mobile News

We design and develop current age mobile solutions. Our mobile domain expertise covers Java, Android, Symbian, and Windows CE


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